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Women Counselling

The Women Counseling cell by the name “Suchetana” was formed in our college way back in 200-2008 academic session. Female teachers mainly provide both psychological emotional counseling to female students as and when required. It may not be always formal but the mental health of a woman sometimes needs solace more in an informal way. “Suchetana” over the years have addressed women’s issue related to relationship, gender-based oppression, and emotional injuries. With a motherly touch the members of the cell has also tried to heal up issues of depression and adolescence related matters in a feminist centric environment of the cell.

The Women Counseling members are:

Prof. Ajanta Chakrabarti
Prof. Jayati Bhattacharya (Ghosh)
Prof. Joytsna Mallick
Prof. Monalisa Mustafi
Prof. sarbari Ghosal